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About Valley Girl Magazine

The world's first crowd-sourced print magazine, made for women in tech, by women in tech.

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Enjoy the quarterly print magazine, mailed to your home or office. Full color, UV coating, professionally printed: Valley Girl is news-stand ready.

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Get on GitHub and start engaging with the stories and images before they’re printed. Tell us what you’d like to read about, and vote on story prospectives!

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Get paid for your work and see it in print. While you might not get rich from the current pay rates, we want to show you your work is valued.

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The GitHub repository will need monitoring, and we’re starting to search for responsible individuals who know GitHub and are passionate about technology.

What Valley Girl is about

The lifestyle magazine for women in STEM--a magazine for you, by you.
Let your voice be heard.

Have you ever felt that Wired was written for guys? Have you ever gotten frustrated that purses aren't sold by laptop size? Have you ever wanted to know the science behind bath bombs or the technology involved in producing cosmetics?

This magazine is for you. And it's also by you: feel free to submit proposals for articles you'd like to write. Or vote on proposals you admire. Winners will be chosen before the magazine goes to print, and authors and photographers will get paid.

🌈 LGBTQA+ Inclusive 🌈

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The team

Starting small, Valley Girl is looking to bring on other members during the founding period.
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Kiki Schirr

Lead Editor
Cofounder and CMO at Fittr, Kiki is now turning her eye toward publishing –and to making the tech and startup worlds more inclusive.
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Could this be you?

Currently Seeking Cofounders
Looking for individuals passionate about writing, design, and technology. Bonus points for coding skills, but not a necessity.